How We Make Our Softcover Pocket Journals!

How We Make Our Softcover Pocket Journals!

Our softcover A6 pocket notebooks are little nuggets of joy, created to put a smile on the face of its new owner.

They are made using fancy, schmancy decorative paper and have been lovingly handmade right here, in Belfast.

This is our Dragonfly pocket journal which features a stunning Dragonfly print with metallic detailing.

We measure out and cut the front covers, get the text block ready (inner pages), bind the notebook using waxed linen thread and then trim it expertly, so that it looks super snazzy. Oh, we also round the corners so that they are not only practical (helps prevent dog ears!) but they boost the cute factor too!

Wanna see us at work?! Check out our BTS video!

Once we have finalised creating your notebook, we then print off one of our belly bands and attach it to the notebook to give it a nice, professional look (especially if you are gifting our notebook!).

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