Why You Should Start Journaling

Why You Should Start Journaling

I'm fairly new to the journaling thing. I'll admit that I'm SUPER LATE to the party on this one but my, oh my, I'm making up for lost time!


Handmade paper? Want it.

Washi? Need it. 

Stickers of those illustrated females, (whose fashion choices are SUPERB), that you see all over Insta? Gimme them.

One of my journal spreads. Not ashamed to admit that I'm kinda proud of this one. 

You see, journaling, whether it's the bullet kind, or more creative, doesn't care if you have Van Gogh levels of artistic ability or not. Journaling just wants you to enjoy the process. End of.

There's no expectations, other than those you place on yourself. They can be the heaviest, right?! 


Journaling is hands-down, one of THE most effective ways to either revisit your creativity, or embark on your own journey of creative expression for the first time.

And because it can involve lots of external input via paper, stickers, tape and whatever other bits and pieces you decide to throw at it (buttons are class!), you don't have to physically sketch ANYTHING, if you don't want to. 

Washi tape and a button. Be still my beating heart.

It's also a pretty awesome activity to do with the kiddos, especially as it's so prominent right now. Isn't anything that removes digital devices from your child's grip, to help carve out some quality family time, a good thing?! 

And most importantly, journaling, whether in written form or more artisitc is known to help improve our mental health. We're going to talk about this in more detail in a separate blog post.

If you are new to the idea of journaling, we recommend investing in an A6 pocket notebook first and then progressing to A5 journals once you've grown in confidence.

We have stunning wee softcover and hardcover notebooks available to get you started, and we even stock some stunning Washi tape too!

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A6 pocket notebook with a striking Ibis bird design, perfect for starting your new journaling chapter



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