How to Pick the Perfect Patterned Notebook!

How to Pick the Perfect Patterned Notebook!

With Christmas just around the corner, this is the perfect time of year to buy one of our handmade notebooks for the stationery lover in your life.

But with so many different styles and patterns it can be a challenge to choose the right one, so we've decided to help you!

Think about the personal style of the recipient: do they like colour or neutrals; maybe they are OBSESSED with a particular shade? Or perhaps you could think about the types of patterns they normally wear, like geometrics or florals.

Once you narrow down their design aesthetic and preferences, it actually becomes easier to then select a notebook that you know they will love!

We've selected a few of our patterned notebooks and suggested who might prefer these based on their style preferences or interests/hobbies. 

Let's go!

1. Florals/Nature


We have a few different notebooks that feature florals, but this one is probably our favourite due to the bright colours and use of navy (we LOVE a bit of navy). If you know someone who is very fond of flowers, whether in their garden or displayed in vases at home, they are sure to love this pattern. Nature lovers in general would be a great fit for this style of notebook.



2. Architecture & Design

This notebook features a stunning Modernist print and would be absolutely perfect for someone who is an Architect or Designer; or who simply adores all things Modernism! It's an incredibly unique notebook, which takes inspiration from the very well known design composition from Piet Mondrian. A match made in heaven for the Designer in your life!



3. Geometrics/Pops of Colour

We LOVE this notebook because it's so much fun! A striking Chartreuse cloth spine combined with a stunning Teal & white repeat pattern, and finished off with a Coral Grosgrain page marker! If you know someone who ADORES bright and uplifting colour, they will CHERISH this notebook! A notebook with positive vibes? LOVE. IT.



4. Green

We all know that there are some colours that have cult followings, and green is definitely one of those colours. If you know someone who is a fan of green, especially more muted shades, then this notebook would be perfect for them. We've teamed this understated green & cream pattern with a very subtle green cloth spine and we think it looks beautiful (and quite Autumnal). The cream page marker elevates the overall look too, making it a very thoughtfully designed piece of stationery.



5. Classical Style

What did we say about navy?! Yep, WE LOVE IT! This is actually quite a modern pattern but because it has a simple colour palette of navy and cream, it has an overall classical feel. We've kept this simple with a navy cloth spine and matching page marker. The cream pages are a nice touch too, as they complement the front and back cover.



Don't forget to take a look at the prints and patterns in our entire collection of handmade notebooks! We're pretty sure that you'll find something which will be a perfect match!

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